I was experiencing this bug and can confirm that Seth’s kernel fixes the issue. The synthoms are the same, goig well on hardy, unusable in intrepid. I am also finding more and more related bugs with various desctriptions etc all relating to Athereos wireless. However it caused kernel panics so I prefer ath5k when I’m able to use it. Fabrice Coutadeur fabricesp wrote on

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Use Windows XP or lowernot the Vista drivers.

There is almost no wireless signal strength received boacklist the ath5k driver available in Ubuntu My Maverick netbook has an atheros AR wireless, which supports Very choppy connection but it’s definitely a small improvement. To fix this, you can download and install the compat-wireless-old package. However, on a HE using the 2.

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I originally had madwifi-hal running with Hardy; when I installed Intrepid Alpha 6 as an upgrade, it continued to work fine until my next restart, when ath5k was substituted. I may have pressed the wireless button while troubleshooting and turned off wireless without knowing it.


Marking as a duplicate of bug With ath5k the device was configured as wmaster0 and was inaccessible to iwconfig et al. Have you tested the 2.

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I can confirm that this still is an issue with ath5k in Jaunty kernel 2. I seem to have the same situation as Christiansen on my Thinkpad T Since the madwifi modules are present in the eeepc.

To post a comment you must log in. Thanks for all the testing and the feedback, especially against Karmic. I would suggest that after enabling proposed you select only the linux-image and linux-header packages to upgrade, then after upgrading those packages disable the proposed archive.

The kernel at atn5k following link contains the fix; please test this instead.

Now to test whether the connexion survives a standby! May 1st, 9.

Built-in drivers/modules, tested only on Intrepid

I can confirm this bug. The upstream bug report this bug is linked to is against ath9k, and if this issue is against ath5k then the upsteam bug link is incorrect.

Steve Beattie sbeattie wrote on Ath5k seems a lot more stable than it was in Intrepid, but madwifi is miles ahead of it and I would like to install madwifi again without having to manually build it, if possible.


Guy Thouret guy-thouret wrote on Manually installed drivers sudo lshw -C network I found the following things helpful: Join Date Oct Posts You’ll need to make sure that it’s set back to 0 on system startup.

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I’m trying to install the ath5k driver in Maverick, but the instructions at https: Seth Forshee sforshee on Rich rincebrain wrote on Crazy PhD 14 3. Hosting provided by Metropolitan Area Network Darmstadt. Finally a Madwifi module compiled from source made it as usable as it blacllist with the Express adapter.

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