Viewing the seals is easiest during the spring, when the animals climb onto the rocks to shed their winter pelts. December 21, at This is where the people behind Travel House Porvoo and the Tourism and Marketing department of Porvoo come for the rescue. Esports in Finland now subject to anti-doping rules He is the one responsible for finding cool places to visit every time Fotostrasse goes somewhere and he the one to blame about all the history you read here. Most of pictures I take with it look fantastic and I even gave up fixing the lens distortion on Lightroom. Defence Forces personnel suspected of conscript abuse

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Finland will see white Christmas, meteorologist says. It seems they do not allow the webcam image to shared on 3rd party sites. If the plan was to swim, I had everything ready to take pictures from the water. Consumer authority logs slew of complaints over Black Friday price rigging I believe the camera kept recording until its motion sensor realized what was happening and shut it down.

Here is the address for the HD version: Finland’s Santas for hire – a cherished Christmas tradition News When I got the e-mail telling me that the camera was found between some rocks, more then 6 meters down the water, I had no reaction.


I have put the Porjus cam up there also called Jokkmokk. I tried to dive, I tried to jump into the rocks below but nothing was recovered. Ex-con who planned uni attack is suspect in new mass violence plot Finland’s Santas for hire – a cherished Christmas tradition And I bought for a few reasons and one of them was the amazing wide lens that this camera has.

Inhowever, Pullervo starred in the live camera show all alone.

I am a computer programmer and aurora watcher, so I combined both to create this site to help my Northern Lights forecasting and viewing. Two alleged bus attacks investigated as attempted hijackings Police say that surveillance footage shows the year-old emptying his employer’s safe before leaving the filanc with a backpack and a plastic bag. Microbes pose no threat to winter swimmers Yle Myynti Yle Arkistomyynti Arkistoidut sivut.

Sky Cameras

What camea solar max and why is it important? This small camera makes amazing videos, takes great pictures and it survives under water for up to two weeks.


Finland loosens name law, but most still prefer classics caemra And, below, you can see exactly what and how it happened.

Fi,and students fight false health info I had lost my Sony Action Camera after three jumps into the water. Reindeer alert app makes Lapland roads safer for drivers News After the jump into the water, I got out and there was something wrong with my monopod. September 8, at Katarina Wohlfart captured the moment before I lost my camera.

Thousands of overseas applicants ccamera for seasonal jobs in Lapland I still have the monopod that might have caused it all but I got a stronger ball head and I hope it is strong enough to hold the camera in place. I emailed them asking could I embed it in the page but they just ignored me.

A shame because it is a good sky cam this. Holiday return traffic peaking Wednesday Video Mermaid swimming in Finland: Finland’s Border Guards brace for seasonal influx of Russian tourists August 26, at