What are the specifications of the Haier Y11B laptop? No I don’t have Avast on my computer, I took it into a computer tech today, he played around with it while I was there and couldn’t figure it out, he said it is showing I have my network drivers but they just weren’t working. Related Questions What are the specifications of the Samsung R laptop? With all of the above in mind What happens when you try to use the recovery disk – which I presume is either a cd or a dvd likely the latter? Whatever the vice, the NV Series has it covered with stellar cinematic Solved my gateway laptop won’t connect to the internet.

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This would be a total erasure of the current system; a reformat etc. Did you want me to post the specs on all the different Gateway NV53 laptops? How do you factory reset contfoller Gateway laptop? Such opinions may not be accurate and they are to be used at your own risk.

Controlelr you go the Device Manager, can you see anything next to the Network adapters icon – as in a yellow! What happens when you try to use the recovery disk – which I presume is either a cd or a dvd likely the latter?

According to the vendor, the Teradata Gateway is said to be a combination hardware and software. Also the operating gatewxy cannot be transferred to another motherboard Below is an alphabetical list of Windows 7 driver download links for 21 major Acer provides many custom Windows 7 drivers for their PCs and laptops but much of.


No utility finds “everything” first time; each one has its areas of specialty. I have no ides what the tech did, I just took it into a computer shop and gave it to him, I don’t know him personality.

Gateway Nv53 Series WiFi Wireless Card

This issue seems to be one that has plagued controler few windows-7 users. I’m not fully sold on it being your Gateway at fault. Also a full scan with assorted utilities for a possible pest or two. Start Now at wikibuy. When one uses the recovery partition, or the disks from within gatrway itself, the system in effect checks to see if the partition is already ntfs; which of course it would normally be.

Support Gateway Products

When I click on them it says they are working fine but my internet privider says if it says by my connect icon-The dependency service or group failed to start I’ve spot something on that page you gave: Could you please tell me how to fix this problem. For updating your Gateway sound card, use Driver Robot. Thank you all for your help but it is working now. If per chance you have Avast installed and were to temporarily disable its on-line protection gayeway might help.


Presumably you are trying to connect with the wifi adapter? conttoller

What’s the specification of the laptop provided by KSOM? He or I couldn’t do a factory reset nothing would work. Win 7 x64 File Version: With all of the above in mind There are several utilities regularly recommended here at CN for that purpose Gateway laptop ethernet controller driver windows 7.

Equally not uncommon to have an isp to be very quick to say “their kit and services are OK, and the problem is with he computer I am from Canada and thaty is the conntroller number for the series of my laptop. I bought my laptop in and it has Vista on it. Not uncommon for routers go a little awry and require a reset at the least a reboot to restore internet access.

I just got a call from the tech, he says I have a trozan which he thinks might of caused this. Discover the contdoller of the Internet. Check the copies can be accessed ok as well.